Wildlife Watching

Home to a plethora of rare, beautiful creatures of land and sea, the Isle of Mull and its surrounding seas is one of Scotland’s premier wildlife destinations.

The island is peppered with communities of red and fallow deer, wild goats, otters and mountain hares.  The mountains offer a closer view of the white tailed sea eagle, golden eagle and peregrine falcon, as well as the owls which lend music to the night.

Head to the coastline and out to sea to enjoy puffins, seals, porpoise, dolphins and basking sharks.  If you’re on a mission, a professional guide can offer an organised tour of the top spots for rarer species.

However, simply meandering the island by car, cycle or foot will bring opportunities to see some very beautiful fellow inhabitants for those who keep curious ears and eyes open.

A stunning week with a range of experiences beyond compare, particularly loved the whales