Knock Bridge repairs

We have been made aware that our bridge at Knock will be closed for vehicles on Tuesday 18th April until the end of June to allow for repair works.  Knock Bridge is a 13 metre, single span masonry arch dating from the 18th Century and is a Category B Listed Building.

Currently, the programme is as follows:

*Pedestrian Access

Pedestrians will be accommodated whenever it is safe to do so throughout the works.  Pedestrian access will be managed in the same way as during the previous bridge closure in February.  Any unsafe-to-cross periods will be kept to a minimum and we do not anticipate any long periods when the bridge cannot be crossed at any point during the works.

The page on the Council€™s website concerning the closure is at which will be updated weekly or more frequently if required.

For any cars being parked either side of the bridge it would be appreciated if consideration is given to other vehicles so as to not box anyone in.

*update 15/6/2017

Bridge was officially opened at 5pm this evening!

*update 21/05/2018

Due to additional work required to the arch barrel, it is very unlikely that the bridge will be able to be safely opened to vehicles between phases or at all prior to completion of the strengthening works.  The completion of the repair work is still currently anticipated to be 17th June.

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